Friday, November 15, 2013

To Beard, Or Not To Beard

To beard, or not to beard.  That is the question.

I've had beards before, but I always kept them neat and trimmed.  I shaved my beard off about 20 years ago, and my daughter couldn't look at me without giggling, so I grew it back.  But I always kept it neat and trimmed like in this photo below.

I look respectable, don't I?  That's because I had to.  I was working for Dutchman, a sailboat equipment manufacturing company, and I had to look the part at boat shows and such/

I'm retired and don't need to look respectable anymore.  Or do I?

When I had my logging accident and got hit on the noggin with a tree, I had to wear a neck brace that prevented me from shaving.   After six weeks of wearing the brace, I had a pretty good beard going and so decided to keep it for a bit.  But now, as a Bleecker Mountain Man, do I keep it or shave it off?

I do enjoy the fact that hardly anyone recognizes me.  It used to be that I couldn't go anywhere without being asked computer questions.  Now it seems that people... well... avoid me.


  1. You're a Bleecker Mountain Man now so as long as you keep it trimmed it looks great! HOWEVER, those Floridians may like a nice trimmed gotee (sp?). If they don't like it though you can always have Chevy and Ruby come out and stare at them!!!

  2. You could be the Si Robertson of the Adirondack Mountains.