Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baby Hope Has A New Home!

I love Facebook.  By posting about the dog we found, within a few short hours we were able to identify the owners and provided that information to the police, including a short list of towns in New Jersey where they might be.  Sadly, the sheriff said that probably nothing will come of it.  They're out of state now, and in the grand scheme of things, leaving a dog behind is small potatoes.

But happily, two of my Facebook friends offered to take a look at Baby Hope to consider adopting her.  We took her to their place yesterday and it was a done deal.  Baby Hope is now living with wonderful new parents.

We had an "accident" on the way over, though.  I missed a turn and stopped a little too quickly and Baby Hope took a tumble.  She also took a dump in my car.  I guess I scared the crap out of her.

When we got home, I posted the happy news on Facebook, which quickly got lots of "likes".  Laurie, Baby's new mom, also posted this- "Baby is settling in. She's pacing around a bit and can't decide on the dog bed or the couch. I think she missed her first Foster parents though. I brought her out for a quick walk and she went right to the place she got out of the car."

Awww... I have to admit that I was getting attached to her, and her to me.  She spent many hours curled up at my feet, and often came to me for ear scratches.  I miss her, but this is certainly what is best for her.  She'll be living in a home, and we'll be living in a motorhome soon  with three other dogs and two cats.  Baby is in a much better place.

On another note, we've been meaning to visit Laurie and Jim anyway.  They built a totally off grid house made of straw bales and covered with cob.  In 2012, they were named "Homesteaders of the year" by Mother Earth News.  You can read about them here.

Just a few days ago, my view of humanity was not very high.  Just slightly better than Congress.  My faith in humanity has been restored.  Thank you Jim and Laurie!

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