Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Outdoor Solar Light

Our Unabomber Cabin doesn't have any outside lights.  It can get really, really dark out there.  When we first moved in, I bought one of those solar powered sidewalk lights and put it out by the door to the cabin so we could find the door at night.  Let me tell you, it gets dark in the middle of the woods at night.  It worked for a few months, but then the dogs destroyed it by running it over repeatedly.

I was in the Gloversville True Value today, picking up a can of Fix-A-Flat for the tractor, when I noticed a display of solar lights.  One was made out of metal, with a glass globe, and would stand up better to our dogs.   I bought it.  When I got home, I put it outside by the door.

Last night, I was out photographing star trails again, and I noticed the light.  It is not just a solar sidewalk light.  It is a solar disco ball.

It changes color from red to green to blue.  Groovy.  Like a lava lamp, it just doesn't go with our little cabin in the woods.

Dancin' yeah.   Dancin' yeah.

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