Saturday, November 9, 2013


We had some pretty intense snow flurries yesterday.  It even started to stick for a time.

Olivia, our Georgia dog, didn't seem to care for it too much.  She looked out the window forlornly. 

It melted quickly, but not too far in the future it will start to accumulate in the shadows and the woods, and then everywhere.  I'm hoping that we won't have a major snowstorm until we leave after Christmas, but the odds are against us.

It is 28 degrees outside at 5 o'clock in the morning, and 65 degrees inside the cabin.  The wood in the woodstove is hissing, meaning that it is wet.  I hope all the wood we cut and split isn't wet like that.  Wet wood doesn't burn, it just steams.  This is from trees cut last winter, and they should be seasoned by now.   The only thing to do is to mix it with old wood that I know is seasoned and dry.   As the dry wood burns, it drys out the wet wood by pyrolysis.  This reduces the heat given off by the stove and causes creosote build up in the chimney so we can't do this for too long.


  1. Quick! Read the thingie in the margin <-------, about rocket stoves. Another use for all them rocks!

  2. Umm, it wasn't still there, but here's the link. I got it from over there. <------