Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dog Rescue

Pam and I picked up an abandoned dog. Its owners moved away a few months ago and left the dog outside to fend for itself. She was living under a pine tree. She was very timid and afraid to come out from under the tree, but Pam coaxed her with hot dogs. She was shaking with fear on the ride to our house, but when it got out and saw our little cabin, she calmed down. I then let out our dogs, and after introductions, she gave us a big smile (see the last photo). Her right eye is half brown, half blue.

Pam is cutting the matted fur now and Hope (we gave her a name) is obediently letting her do it. Pam says her hindquarters is caked with you-know-what. Poor dog.  I think once she's cleaned up, she's going to be a beautiful girl.

This dog needs a forever home. Anyone looking to adopt?

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