Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hunt Party on Eureka Mountain

Next to fishin', huntin' is a very big deal on Eureka Mountain.  So big that Junior hosts a big wing-ding at his camp.   Such it was yesterday.  All of Eureka Mountain showed up.

The Miata with roofin' tape holdin' the top together is Pamela's, and then Gib's truck, and someone's off road 4x4.   There seems to be as many 4x4s as pickups.

How many guys does it take to BBQ a brisket and a turkey?  This many.

This is a typical road on Eureka Mountain.  

There are homes down this road.

It was chilly, down in the low 60s.  Nuthin' like a hot fire to warm up with.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Bleecker Mountain Weight and Height Loss Program

I've been reading old entries on this blog, enjoying the ones where we were working on our ten acres in preparation for building our off grid homestead.  Good stuff, at least for me.

I chucked at my nefarious schemes to get rid of rocks and make a few bucks.  The Bleecker Mountain Do-it-yourself Stone Wall Kit (some assembly required).  The Bleecker Mountain Rock of the Month Club (getting desperate now).  Lots of tongue in cheek humor in there.

But the posts about the Bleecker Mountain Weight Loss Program set a different tone.  When we left the boat and started working the land, I was 6' 1" tall and weighed 202 pounds.  A little overweight for my ectomorph frame.  Then we started working, and I was down to 197, and then 183.  And then I got whacked with a tree, breaking my neck.  While no longer capable of hard labor, I also didn't eat much and maintained my weight.

A year or so later, I visited my PA in Caroga Lake for a check-up.  The nurse assistant took my blood pressure and told me what it was (I don't recall now) and my weight (180 or so), and my height.

"Five feet ten inches," she said.

"What?  No, I'm six feet one inch." my manly self protested.

"Let me check again," she said.  "Actually, you're five feet nine and three quarters."

Well, this was news.  How did I lose three inches... THAT TREE!  It smacked me square on the head, and must have compressed my vertebrae.  That bastard!  Now I'm... AVERAGE!  Me? 

So, if you are overweight and too tall, sign up now for the Bleecker Mountain Weight and Height Loss Program.  Sign up today and get a free rock!  Operators are standing by.

By the way, I am now down to 163.  ~sniff~

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Amazon's Author Page

If you've enjoyed this blog over the years... or even if you're new to it... I am now a published author.  I just set up my author's page on Amazon.  It can be found at 

It is still a work in process. but it has the links to my books, both paperback and Kindle.

If you read and enjoy the books, I'd appreciate a four or five star review.  If you didn't like the books, it is not possible to leave a review.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dawn, and the Old Goat Fence and Deck Company

My buddy Gib was telling me about a side job he got to repair an acquaintance's horse fence.  Since Gib does so many things for Pam and I, I offered to give him a hand, gratis.   We finished that job, and were referred to another, one in which I would be paid, as well as our friend Hank.

We were to start on a certain week.  Luckily, I had just gotten out of the hospital, but Hank we in.  We had to postpone for a week.  Not an auspicious start.

It was the dawn of a new day (I love that cliche').

This is the ranch, here in Florida.

We were working and Gib said "I have a name for our business.  The Old Goat Fence Company".

I added a motto.  "If we ain't in the hospital, we show up!"

Well, the owner seemed pleased with his fence and asked us about building a deck.  We are now "The Old Goat Fence and Deck Company".   Same motto.  We not be the fastest workers, but we're diligent.  This is our mascot.

We only work from 7 to noon.  After  that, it is simply too hot.  We also take a couple of breaks to cool down.  Hey, if we wind up in the hospital, we ain't workin'.  

The current project...

Not bad for guys in their 60s.  And the exercise is great.  I've never enjoyed gyms, so this is perfect.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Laid Back Life in Florida

This is a typical day for retired folk in Florida, and when Pamela has a day off.

When it's 90 degrees, you swim and drink beer.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Cleaning the Goat Pen,and Ruby Ain't Happy

Today was the day that Pamela announced she was cleaning a foot of bedding out of the goat pen.  It is now the rainy season, and it was getting nasty in there.  I did my part by running around the yard with a manure rake, scooping up dog poop.  Yep, with four good sized dogs, it doesn't take long.

The first step was to release the the goats, Amos n' Andy.

Our friend Gib could use the old bedding for his compost pile for his garden next year.  Pam had him pull up next to the pen so she could toss the old bedding right in the truck bed.

If Ruby, our protective female pitbull, doesn't understand what's happening, she makes her displeasure known.

But when she realized there was no danger, the loading of the bedding was allowed to proceed.  Two truck loads worth.

Pam also put the plywood roof back up.  The goats had knocked it down, and the next few days are forecast to be rainy.  Thank gawd.

The burn ban is off in Marion County, so I was also able to torch that today.  Baby steps, but it's progress.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Momma's Home!

Pamela went to the Keys with friends for four days.  This is the dogs when she got home.

I think they were happy to see her.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Yesterday's photos.  Florida hardly sucks at all.

The look of joy on his face is priceless.