Saturday, November 16, 2013

MountainHut Wings & Pizza

To say that the Town of Bleecker is in the boonies is an understatement.  The population at the 2010 census was 533.  There is no town square or anything resembling one if you don't count the Saw Mill Cafe.  So we were surprised when we found a flyer for MountainHut Wings & Pizza located on Barlow Road, not too far from us.

We had planned on going to the Johnstown Holiday Parade last night and grabbing a bite to eat there, but it was dark and chilly last night, and our Unabomber Cabin was warm and toasty.  We decided to try an order from MountainHut and watch our Six Feet Under DVD instead.  Pam called, and her side of the conversation, the one I could hear, went something like this...

"Hi, I'd like to place an order?"

"An anti-pasta and a dozen wings.   Can you split the wings, half medium and half garlic parmesan?  Great!"

"880 County Route 125, but you'll have a hard time finding our driveway.  We don't have a mailbox.  It's just past Barlow Road...  yes, those are our cars by the landing... yes, the pumpkins and mums are ours... a half hour would be great!"

You have to love small towns.  With only 533 people to keep track of, nobody misses much.

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