Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Move Over, Grumpy Cat

I  often write about our dogs.  I guess it's because dogs have so much personality.  But we also have a couple of cats.  One, Sassy, doesn't like being petted for some reason.  I've been working on her, coaxing her to me to be petted, always making sure that she can get away if she feels the need.  It's been working, and she's to the point now of being a pest, coming to me to be petted constantly.  I found a way to get rid of her when I feel the need.  I scoop her up and hug her and kiss her on the head.

You can see how much she enjoys this.

She then dashes off and gives me stink eye.

Hope the Dog is doing OK.  She's sleeping at my feet, under the table, as I write this.  What a sweetheart she is.  

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  1. At least as far as I know-- Feral cats can fend for them selves and will find food... The ones around the farm I live on do fine and look fine-- I think cats are more self supportive than dogs... I've always though cats will do what ever the hell they want!!

    Bob Barker is correct though-- Spay and Neuter...