Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Well The Weather Outside Is Frightful

It is winter in Bleecker.  It's been "snowing" everyday for the past two weeks.  I put "snowing" in quotes because it mostly isn't snowing.  We've had lake effect snow from Lake Ontario, about 100 miles to our west.  Lake Ontario hasn't frozen over, so moisture is picked up by the westerly winds and frozen out of the air and dropped here.  Everyday has been cold.  Cold enough to freeze lake effect moisture out of the air.

5-Day Forecast for Bleecker, New York

Today: PM Snow Showers, High: 25 F, Low: 11 F

Tomorrow: Mostly Sunny, High: 20 F, Low: 13 F

Friday: Few Snow Showers, High: 22 F, Low: 4 F

Saturday: Light Snow, High: 16 F, Low: 14 F

Sunday: Snow, High: 26 F, Low: 8 F

Yeah, this is cold.  Cold even for here at this time of the year.  The  jet stream has dropped below our latitude, and cold arctic air makes it's way here.

It's not all bad, though.  I took this pic of our Unabomber Cabin last night.

But, we are Gibsons.  I also took this pic.

Pam is the fire starter.  Yesterday morning, she was poking at the embers in the woodstove and adding new firewood when I heard...


and I watched as Pamela hopped around the floor.  She ripped off her pajama bottoms and ran to the kitchen sink and doused her PJs.  It seems that an ember fell into the cuff of her pajama bottoms and set her on fire.

Only three more weeks until we get Obamacare.  Can we make it?

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