Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bleecker in Photos

I had to run off the mountain yesterday, and I decided to bring my camera.  On Drift Away, my mantra was always always always always always always always always bring the camera.  So I did.

Pam had to feed Jeremiah the Horse, so she dropped me off at the head of the driveway.  I've noticed that there is a strange substance that seems to fall from the sky at night and cover everything, including the car windows.  Not having any way to remove said substance, I had to start the car to let it run to warm up and melt it off.  I wonder if Obama knows about this?  

While waiting, I walked across the road and shot this little stream.  They're everywhere here on the mountain.  Besides rocks, one never has to worry about running out of water here.  Chase Lake is on the mountain above us, and apparently it leaks.

After errands, on the way back up the mountain, I decided to photograph from the warmth of my car 

Cool old barn with a new roof.

The Saw Mill Cafe/general store/town clerk's office.

I love this house!

The Bleecker Community Church, circa 1866.

The view from the top of the mountain.

I know it's hard to see, but these folks put coyote fencing all around their property to protect their pets.

Pam put this little Christmas Tree with solar powered LED lights at the head of our driveway, but she couldn't remove the pumpkins.  They're frozen in place.  Happy Christmasween!

The temps have been above freezing and our driveway of death is starting to melt.

This creek runs alongside our driveway.

I can't believe the wood fairy didn't come and stack the cord of wood we bought.  Pam did her half, and it looks like I'm going to have to do mine.  Stupid wood fairy.

Later, I decided to try some more star trails because the night was so clear.  I was lucky enough to get a meteor in the shot.  Look all the way to the right,

See the straight line at the right side of the photo?

I have to say that I love living on the mountain.  The peace and quiet, the brilliant stars at night, and the closeness of nature.  I love it all.  All except for Bigfoot.  I don't care for him so much. 


  1. Any Bigfoot calls latley Dave? When I lived out in the wildes of NH we did hear a few weird abnormal call at night also. Cannot say it was a Big Foot but who am I to know! The Dog was not happy however! I did not go out and check/look for either! Guess I needed a few more dogs. :-)

  2. The two of you have a lovely "place on earth."
    And your photos show what you love...