Sunday, December 22, 2013

5,012 Photos

5,012 photos.  That's how many photos I've posted on my two blogs, Drift Away and Bleecker Mountain Life.   I only know this because Google (who owns Blogger) sent me an email letting me know that they've backed up my photos.   That's a lot of photos in two years.  But it is something I really enjoy doing.

I started out with a simple Fuji point-and-shoot, but when I left that out in the rain after working on our dinghy in Savannah, Pam persuaded me to buy a DSLR.  I didn't want to spend $1,000 on a camera, but she talked me into it, as she does everything.

We've had some very warm temperatures here, accompanied by quite a bit of rain.   We even have flood warnings.  We have a creek that runs along side the Driveway of Death below it, and one that runs along side above it.  Both are running very high, so I decided to go out with my camera, tripod, and ND filter to shoot it.

The ND filter is a darkening filter, meaning that I can slow the shutter speed down to blur moving things, like flowing water, without overexposing the shot.

I took the ND filter off when shooting Ruby because she wouldn't look good blurry.

The dogs love to play in water, and they don't care if it's winter.  Ruby, being Ruby, pulled a small log out of the creek.

She got it.


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