Friday, December 13, 2013

Lake Effect Snow

I'm learning that Bleecker gets two kinds of snow.  Regular snow, and lake effect snow.  It's been snowing almost constantly for the past couple of weeks.   Gentle, lightly falling snow that hardly accumulates at all.  Not so this morning.  We got several inches of Lake Ontario dumped on us last night.

Amazing, considering that most of this lake effect snow doesn't even show up on radar.

There is an awesome cross country ski center just down the road from us named Lapland Lake.  They chose to locate here because of the large amount of snow that falls.  Even when Albany has bare ground, they (and us) have snow.

Today's weather is snow showers followed by heavy snow on Saturday, the real kind from a low pressure system.  We'll get a half a foot or more.  The high today is forecast to be 19 degrees with a low of 5 so we'll have the cold to go with  it.  This is the kind of snow that stays.

I'll be plowing with the tractor for the first time.  I'm going to stop at Tractor Supply to see if they have chains to fit Bessie.   I can make a pass down the driveway, but I don't know if I can get back up for a second pass.  This should be interesting.

On another note, Olivia, our German Shorthaired Pointer from Georgia, LOVES the snow!  She's out in it three times as much as the pit bulls.  She's loved living here and being able to be let out to romp in the woods anytime she wants, but now that there's snow, she's in her element.

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