Monday, December 30, 2013

More Snow...

Ugh.   Earl and Judi were right in high tailing it out of here at the beginning of December.  We were forecast for a rainy snowy mix, but got mostly heavy wet snow yesterday.  At least a half a foot's worth.

The photo below looks a bit blueish.   It's what my photo editing software said it should be.  It's really not blue here in Bleecker, but I left it, only because I liked the effect.

Yep, another mess of a snowfall.  Today, I'll have to hie myself over to Earl and Judi's driveway and plow it out with Bessie the Tractor.  I'm getting low on gasoline, so I'll have to take Jerry the Jug to Stewart's the Convenience Store in Audrey the Kia to get more gas.  About one more week until we head south.

We've laid out a cruising plan, with each day about 300 miles or so.   We'll probably average 50 MPH with stops for gas and food, so that's about six hours of driving each day.   That will be a tolerable amount of time for Jeremiah the Horse to be bounced around in his horse trailer.  It will take us about a week to get to Florida, and we'll have stops in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and then Florida.  Hopefully it will be an uneventful trip, but those of you who have been following our two blogs, Drift Away and Bleecker Mountain Life, know better.

So do I.  I'm looking forward to this trip with a bit of trepadation.

I'm not sure what our internet access will be, but you can be sure that I'll update our travels as best I can.

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