Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bunch of Photos

I receive a message from Google again, that they had enhanced a couple of my photos.  In the first one, they again added snow.  Very cool.

In this one, they made the lights twinkle.

I think this is pretty awesome, but it's hard to believe that someone gets paid to sit around doing this.

It was time to go get a Christmas tree.  We went to Bill Prichard's in Meco.  He has a nice selection of live trees for one to kill.

While out, I stopped at Tractor Supply to buy chains for Bessie.  She sure looks forlorn, eh?  She showed it too.  She refused to start.  Maybe a frozen gas line.  I cranked it and cranked it.  I sprayed starting fluid in it.  Not a pop.   I cranked until I killed the new battery, which is now on the floor of our cabin with a charger attached.  I'll try again today.  We're forecast to get up to a foot of snow.

The dogs seemed somewhat interested in Aud, our all wheel drive Kia, with a tree on the roof.

Our Driveway of Death is really getting snowed in with lake effect snow from Lake Ontario.  We haven't plowed it yet.  We just keep driving up and down it, packing it down.  That may be my strategy today if Bessie doesn't start.

Our tree, almost decorated, thanks to Pam.  She's thinking a popcorn and cranberry  garland is needed.

We went to Vrooman's for wings and beer/wine last night too.  Those photos are coming.  But meanwhile, I also did another star trails photo last night.

Yep.  If you enjoy winter,  and Christmas, Bleecker and other points north is the place to be.  Of course, you need to be prepared for this...

5-Day Forecast for Bleecker, New York

Today: PM Snow Showers, High: 16 F, Low: 13 F

Tomorrow: AM Snow, High: 27 F, Low: 10 F

Monday: AM Snow Showers, High: 11 F, Low: -1 F

Tuesday: Snow Showers, High: 22 F, Low: 18 F

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy, High: 27 F, Low: 11 F


  1. If no pop on tractor check for spark at spark plugs.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. So pretty at the cabin.. I am looking forward to tonight's snow. Your tree looks gorgeous, Pam. Our balsam fir is festooned with goldfinches, chickadees and titmice at the moment. Maybe we'll relent at the last minute and find one for indoors to cheer us along -- that glow combined with the snow outside would be pretty rapturous.

  3. Come on Bill-- Give Dave more credit than that not to already know that!!

    I would first check for spark from the coil to the distributer myself-- I'm sure Dave knows that too...

  4. Sorry Dave, sometimes I say and type things before I think. :((

    Bill Kelleher

    1. No offense taken, Bill. Thanks for the suggestion. I knew it was getting some kind of spark because I got it to sputter a few times. I took a ride down the mountain to Tractor Supply and bought new spark plugs and that did the trick. It started hard, but it started. The problem that I have now is that the hydraulic shift lever is frozen so I can't lift the plow. It's 13 degrees here at 3 PM. Tomorrow it will be in the 20s, and I'll try to thaw it with hot water.

  5. Hay Dave-- Do you get a nice hot spark "Blue Spark @ .30 Gap"??
    I know you're a smart man-- Could Bessie's Coil be weak??

    1. .025 gap. I hope so. Think I can find either of my two feeler gauges? Nope. Probably on the boat. But with new plugs, it started. In the spring, I need to do a complete tune up. I wonder if I can find a solid state ignition for this? Points are a pain in the neck.

  6. Points are fine "Yes it's Old School" A match book cover is about .25-- That can work for a feeler gauge... If Bessie's coil is throwing a weak spark "She is Throwing a Spark" That could be the problem-- A weak tiered old ignition coil...