Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Blessings

I love Christmas.  Who doesn't?

I want to wish all of you a very joyous Christmas.  I hope you spend this upcoming special day with family and friends.  And yes, even though tomorrow is not the actual birthday of Jesus, it is the thoughts and emotions behind it all that matters.

As I get older, there are fewer and fewer of my friends and family to celebrate with.  Look around you, to your friends and family, and cherish them, for they are not with you forever, nor you with them.  If you are the last of your close friends and family, and are alone this holiday, you get yourself to Bleecker to spend tomorrow with us at the Unabomber Cabin. No one should be alone on Christmas Day.  Christmas is one day of the year that we actually show our love for our friends and family and the joy of being together.

Like  you, I have  so many wonderful memories of Christmases past, spent with loved ones who have since passed.  But each Christmas we make new memories to cherish, and often new friends to make them with.

Merry Christmas!  Pam and I gift you with a wish of good health and happiness, and the joy of things that money can't buy.


  1. Wise words from a wise man. Merry Christmas to you guys and all the critters!! Maybe we can hookup in Florida. I'm leaving with the fifthwheel in the beginning of February. Se Ya on the road.

  2. Marry Christmas to all who read this Blog-- Of course to the ones who write it too...

  3. I wish the very same to both of you! Merry Christmas

    Mary and Freddy