Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Trudging Begins

Since we got our Kia unstuck, we're parking it on the landing by the road with the Buick.  What that means is that we're now schlepping stuff up and down our long, steep driveway.  Like two big loads of laundry.  Thankfully, daughter Megan is here to help.

Pam and Megan went shopping.  One thing on their list was toboggans.   Try carrying a 40 pound bag of dog food down that long driveway!   Unfortunately, they couldn't find anything big enough, just little tyke's toboggans.  I have to go out today, so I'll look.

Apparently, the ceiling/roof of our Unabomber Cabin isn't too well insulated.  Check  out these icicles.

And, within minutes, Google added snow to the above pic.

But it is kind of cool when the Christmas Tree lights reflect off the windows, eh?

We have icicle lights.

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  1. One Christmas there was 'no way in' to our son's home up north. Luckily he had given us one of these sleds that he uses for lots of things and we packed our Xmas pots of food and all of our gifts onto it and snowshoed the 3/4 mile to his house. Might be a good thing to have on hand for lots of uses (including traditional sledding if you have a good hill). They are rugged and great for hauling firewood short distances. Ours is finally showing signs of wear after ten years. Tractor Supply might have something like this and they come in lots of sizes..