Tuesday, December 17, 2013


If you remember this pic from yesterday's blog, our Kia was snowed in.

I managed to get Bessie the Tractor running, and I made one pass down the driveway with the back blade.  Even with iron wheel weights and chains on the back tires, Bessie couldn't make it back up the driveway.  Yesterday, Pam decided to try to drive the Kia out.  The Kia is all wheel drive and really good in snow.  This is where it was.

And this is how far Pam got.  I got a shovel out and dug all around it and got it unstuck...

while the dogs romped in the snow...

and this is how far I got.

I had a visit from an AAA tow truck guy, but said there was no way he could drive down our driveway, and it's in too far to use the winch on his truck.  He had his partner call me last night, and they're going to get some different equipment and maybe try again today.

Pam called a friend with a plow, and he's going to come by and take a look.  Maybe he can plow it for us.    If AAA can't get it out, I'll hook up Bessie to the Kia with a chain and tow it out of there.  We'll shovel the driveway if we have to.

And lastly, this is interesting.  I went outside last night to take a few night photos.  The moon was almost full and illuminated the snow laden trees nicely... and I got this shot.  Look closely.  Do you see it?  About five o'clock, just to the right of the pine tree?  

No?  Here, I'll enlarge the photo for you.

After close examination, the object is squarish, with a red light at the pointy end.  It is obviously Santa's sled with Rudolph leading the way, no doubt out on a dry run, or a reconnaissance mission.


  1. He's trying to figure out how to get the Kia unstuck for you Dave!

    Are you SURE you're supposed to be doing that much physical labor? Seems to be a LOT of Big Bad Trees near that drive....

    BE CAREFUL!!!! You're almost on your way to Florida!!!

  2. You might decide you want to find someone to just plow the driveway for you when it snows - it's only a few weeks, right?

    Our son's 'road' (not a driveway, not a town road so no services) is 3/4 mile long and crosses drift-prone open fields, steep hills, and wood edges. He's found a guy to plow after every measurable snow - no good options other than this. One storm - the infamous Valentine's Day storm a few years ago - left so much snow that it took TWO brothers - one with a loader and one with a dump truck - two DAYS to get them out.

    When they moved there there 11 years ago, I only asked one thing of him: pleas don't get pregnant with a winter due date! (Their kids were both born at home in May and July!)

    It gets pretty pricey for them, but nothing else is feasible and his plowman is a goodun. One guy built a house on the road but refused to chip in on plowing -- nice guy! His house later burned down... karma? I hope you don't jeopardize the healing you've accomplished, Dave.

    1. We're not going to use the driveway. There's a landing up by the road that we can park on. We just have to schlep our groceries, laundry, and other stuff up and down the driveway, towing it on toboggans, The plow guys are afraid they'll get stuck down here at the bottom.

  3. You might consider a snowblower. I too have a difficult driveway and except for wet slushy snow it can handle most everything. Have it set high to avoid gravel.

  4. The lengths you two go to for fun!

  5. Maybe you are leaving for Florida at little too late . . .

    1. Maybe? No, definitely! Next year, we'll stay until Thanksgiving!