Saturday, December 7, 2013

Protecting the Pack

Pam had to get up at 4 AM to be at work at 5.  As is often the case, I get up when she does.  Not working, I have the advantage of going back to bed, which I did.  On the sofa, with a Christmas movie playing in the background.

I was awakened about 5 AM by Chevy, our male pit bull, barking in my face.  He often does this, sometimes when he thinks he hears something outdoors, or sometimes just for fun.  I opened one eye to see him a foot from my face and he barked again.  Behind him was Ruby, our female pit bull, and Olivia the German Shorthaired Pointer, looking at me.  Then I heard Leo the Cat yowling outside.  Something either had him, or was trying to get him.  I jumped up and opened the door and all three dogs ran outside barking frantically.  After five minutes or so, Ruby and Chevy came back in, but Olivia stayed outside for at least a half an hour, running around our Unabomber Cabin and barking like crazy.  Finally, she came in.  There was no sign of Leo.

I found this interesting.  Our cats and dogs tolerate each other, but don't seem to really care about each other.  Or so I thought.  As soon as the dogs realized that some critter was threatening a member of our pack, they leapt into action to protect him.

With no sign of Leo, I was fretting about breaking the news to Pam, but shortly thereafter Leo was at the door asking to come in.  He walked in the room, looked at the dogs as if to thank them, and then sauntered off to his food bowl.

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