Friday, May 1, 2015

Charlotte NC to Fort Valley Ranch, VA

We drove about six hours from Lakeview Plantation to Creekside Farm in Charlotte, and the next day from Creekside to Fort Valley Ranch, a trip of about seven hours.  It was a horrible drive in Harvey the RV.  Harvey is underpowered and handles like crap.  Hills on the interstates slow him to 55 MPH or worse, and passing tractor-trailers shove him all over the road.  It was a relief to get here.

Pamela went riding today, and took many photos of Sasquatch evidence.  I saved the world on Facebook, finished reading a John Green Sasquatch book, and continued reading a book about Nikola Tesla.

I did take a few photos, just because I felt I needed the practice.

Tomorrow we leave for Pennsylvania, and then Bleecker on Sunday. 


  1. You can never read enough about Nikola Tesla..

    Keep Harvey on the road and your Knuckles White-- Lol..

    Looking forward to Bleeker Blogs..

    Harvey or Uni Bomber Cabin? Were will you live? Both maybe?

  2. Replies
    1. The dog would be Ruby the Pitbull. Everyone loves Ruby We get offers of adoption all the time, including yesterday. Everyone loves Ruby. She's a sweetheart.