Thursday, April 30, 2015

Allendale, South Carolina Sasquatch.

As written by Pamela...

Dave has been doing a ton of research on Sasquatch stuff. With all his video research and books he has read, plus our own personal encounters with their activity near our home in NY, he's become quite the expert on signs of them. In turn, I have also been listening to the podcasts and have been an avid learner of his knowledge. As such, I've gotten pretty good at noticing things out of the ordinary while riding in wooded areas. Sausquatches have certain things they will do to mark territory and hunting areas as evidenced by researches across the country. So, as I was riding on the 2600+ acres of trail system in SC, I was taking notice of things along the way. Oddities. Why would there be double tree bends that are held and pinned by another tree? Why are there double tree snaps in an area where no other trees are broken and no indication of heavy branch loss to indicate a wind storm? Little things like that as well as several "blinds" or "nest" type structures.

This next pic is amazing to me.  Two saplings bent over and pinned down with another broken off about ten feet off the ground - Dave

The last photo shows a tree twist.  It takes hands to twist and break a tree, and a lot of power. - Dave

Today and tomorrow we're in Virginia where Pam will ride the Blue Ridge Mountains, Saturday in Pennsylvania, and Sunday in Bleecker.  When not obsessing about Sasquatch, I hope to get a pasture cleared, a run-in stall built for Jeremiah, and start on the barn.  But then again, you all know how my plans go.  My plans crack God up.

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