Monday, May 11, 2015

Bleecker's Flowers of Spring

Nope, I know little about flowers, so if anyone wants to comment on what they are, I'd appreciate it.

In goat news, they've both adapted well.  Andy follows Pamela around like a puppy dog, going everywhere she goes, and if she's out of sight he blats and calls loudly for her.  Amos is OK, but will take a bit more time.

Chevy got a shock collar on him and was reintroduced today.  He was much better behaved, although he probably wonders how they do that to him.  But he hasn't tried to eat them, which is good for Chevy.

Pam and I also drove around getting prices on rough cut lumber.  It looks like we might be buying from the Amish.


  1. Keep it local-- Buy from the Amish.. They would be good to know too-- They would probably help you raise a barn!! If that's what you asked them to do..

    Better hide the Generators before they show up though!