Sunday, May 10, 2015

Meet The New Kids On The Block

Today was a good day.  Pam went horseback riding with her friend Kim.  I rototilled the garden again, a bit easier with some of the huge rocks removed.

Chevy got himself happily into mud.  A perfect day for a dog.

I know what you're thinking, but no, the siding in the pic below was not store bought.  I constructed it myself.  It is to shield the thermometer in the clock from the sun.

And yes, I finally decided that these jeans needed to go.  They certainly weren't keeping the dirt off me.  They went into the bonfire pile.

And then came our new kids, Amos and Andy.

Chevy the livestock killing pitbull had to go to our cabin to be locked up. Ruby was concerned, but Olivia the German Shorthaired Pointer was fascinated.  

What are you?  Are you a dog?  Do you want to play?  

We struggled to get the goats led on leash from Earl and Judi's dog kennel to our property.  But they both fell in love with Pam (who wouldn't) and let Pam lead them around on a leash, like dogs.

Regarding Pam's garden, she planted it and it will hopefully do well.

Oh... why the goats?  We have pricker bushes growing where Pam wants a pasture staked out and a run-in stall built for Jeremiah the Horse.  We could do it the hard way with weed whackers, or we could do it the easy way with goats, who will eat anything, including pricker bushes.

The next challenge is keeping Chevy from getting the goats.

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