Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ruby's Goats

Today was a productive day.  A tired one.  I didn't get to bed until midnight, and then I was up at 3:30 AM.  I logged onto Facebook only to spend the next one and a half hours messaging with my long lost cousin Frank.  Back to bed, up at 7.  And then off to the Amish sawmill in Ephratah to place an order for lumber to build a run-in shed for Jeremiah the Horse, and Amos and Andy the Goats, a pump house, and an outhouse.

This is the sawmill.  Nope, don't know how it is powered.

These are their vehicles.

Saltsman's Hotel in Ephratah celebrating 200 years.  It is a well known local restaurant, at this point.  They'll run an ad in the local newspaper, the Leader-Herald, which will only say "Milkweed's in", meaning that milkweed salad is in season.

Back at our property, I placed rocks where the 8 x 12 run-in shed will be.  I needed to bring in fill to level the site out.  I always have trouble squaring up the foot print.  But at this stage, getting close is all that is necessary.

Bessie the Tractor did a marvelous job scooping up sand and rocks with Skippy the Gravel Scoop... OK... too much.  I apologize.  Scooping up sand and rocks and dumping them where need be,

Pam arrived from fetching hay and all the critters were happy to see Momma.

I never knew goats could be so lovable.

Or such heavy drinkers.

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