Monday, May 25, 2015


Sunday of Memorial Day weekend was typical.  Pam rode Jeremiah, and I doubled the size of the little stone wall in front of the well.

I love Bessie the Tractor.  I have the gravel scoop on her stern and I only had to back up to a gravel pile and toss in rocks, which I then drove over to the wall place and dumped them.   I then only had to stack them up.

Oh, that mess by the hand pump?  That's a pallet sitting on cinder blocks, and on the pallet is a jet pump for the well.  Sitting next to it is a small generator which, once I buy the necessary plumbing on Tuesday, will pump water into the 65 gallon tank sitting on the rocks in the left of the photo.  That will provide water for the garden, and maybe even to the RV, although that is questionable unless I either build a higher frame for the tank or add another pump.

I've often thought of selling stone walls via the internet and mail order, with "some assembly required", but I imagine the shipping costs would be high.

On the home front, I fried an egg with provolone cheese and on the way from the fry pan to the toast, I hit my elbow and dropped it on the carpet in front of the kitchen sink.  Being almost 65, without a second thought, I scooped it up, plopped it on the toast, dashed it with hot sauce and ketchup and ate it.  Life is good.


  1. I wouldn't have been able to do that... I always fry my eggs sunny side... it woulda made a helluva mess... splat.