Thursday, May 21, 2015

We're Being Watched

We know we have Sasquatches around us, but arriving at the cabin and finding the door to the wood shed unlatched and open was surprising.  So yesterday, Pam decided to reconnoiter around the cabin.  She found where they watch us from, and fetched Bill, a friend who was visiting, and me to show us.

Up on a hill, near the driveway, were plenty of Sasquatch signs.  They can see us from there, but the chances of us seeing them are slim.

The first sign was the most obvious, a tree bend.  It was pinned by a log, and so did not occur naturally.  We find these everywhere and are most likely the most common evidence.

Close by was a pyramid.  It is a tree snapped off about eight or ten feet above the ground, and a second tree pulled over and placed at the break of the first tree.

But the most obvious, of course, are hand prints.   This is Pam's Miata's first.  It is smudged, but clearly a Sasquatch print.  The bent pointed thumb is on just about every print we've found.

Yeah, it is a little disconcerting to think that we're surrounded by Sasquatch, and that they watch us.  Kind of like Jane Goodall watches primates, I guess.

It is Thursday morning and I'm about to gather the dogs and head over to the property to putz around.  I'm waiting on the Amish to call me to let me know my lumber is ready and I can start building the run-in shed, outhouse, and pump house.

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