Thursday, May 28, 2015

A New Camera!

Anyone who follows this blog, or my Drift Away blog, knows that I love photography.  It is something that I enjoy immensely.  While in Savannah traveling aboard Drift Away, I left my point-and-shoot outdoors and it got rained on, and rain and electronics don't get along.  Pamela convinced me to buy a halfway decent camera, and so I bought my basic Nikon D3100 DSLR.

Well, after about 12,000 photos over the past few years, I decided to upgrade to a semi-professional grade Nikon D7100.  And I am loving it!  What a great camera!  I took it to our property yesterday and was just messing about with it, taking photos of nothing in particular to learn how to use the various buttons and its capabilities.

All pics were with the 18-105mm lens.

The goats LOVE beer.  And pretzels.

And man did it rain.

I am very happy with this new camera, and for Pamela who allowed me to spend money extravagantly to buy it.  Yes.  I LOVE it!


  1. Great Pictures Dave-- Looks like everyone is getting along well..

  2. It brings up the question, are you going to get a new trailer to go behind the SUV so you can pull Ruby's goats to FL? You could actually do a big enough trailer to manage the whole menagerie, save for the horses... You could paint it Barn Red and put a nice dutch hip roof on it... LOL

    That's a nice camera. But, be careful... I have the predecessor of that model line, the 5000. Right now, I'm drooling all over a 610... sigh. but... I gotta get an FX Format Hunnie...

    1. Ruby's goats will be going with us to Florida. Trust me. How, I'm not exactly sure, but my hunch is that Jeremiah the Horse will have company. And I LOVE this camera! I can't imagine how much better a full frame would be, since this is totally awesome.

  3. Aside from the increased resolution and electronic complexity, the main difference between an FX and DX format camera is the size of the sensor. An FX Sensor is the same size and shape as that of a 35mm camera focal plane. A DX is cropped somewhat, I'm not sure how much. When you're dealing with 12 million mega pixels, it loses some significance. But, presumably, the larger focal plane on the FX formats will produce images that enlarge with better quality than the DX.

    That being said, I have blown up my favorite photographs from the 5000 to 24x36 with excellent results. So, I would be interested to see the two images side by side, myself.

    My primary lust for the 610 lies in its ability to shoot a moving object at 10 frames per second and retain focus and exposure. All with 24 megapixels of resolution. Since my thing is to shoot sailboat races, often in the evening in failing light conditions, that is very attractive to me.