Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We Moved Jeremiah the Horse

It's going to be bitter cold here for the next few days, and there's another major snowstorm forecast to hit today.   We decided to move Jeremiah inside.

No, not really.  That's a photo posted to my Facebook wall by Thorp, one of our followers.

Actually, we were nervous about getting Jeremiah and the trailer out of Earl and Judi's driveway.  My tarp blew off the tractor and it got rained and snowed on, and everything is frozen on it, including  the ignition key.  Pam had a great idea of fetching him now and moving him off the mountain.  He's being boarded at a local stable, and we'll pick him up when we leave.

Which that date is up in the air, pending a report from Alpin Haus RV on the status of our furnace.  I can live without running water, but not cold.

I hope that you all had a happy new year's eve.   For us, it was just another night on the mountain and we did nothing special.  The problem for me is that midnight comes way too late.   If midnight was moved up to say 9 PM, I'd be in!

My old friends will know exactly what I'm talking about here.  Hi Hal and Jo!   Hi Andy and Betty!


  1. Yep. As a card-carrying member of Old Fartdom, I hit the sack around 10. 5:30am is normal "git up" time for hermits.

    Happy New Year Pam and Dave! - Bob