Friday, January 3, 2014

225 Steps

I knew we were in firewood trouble on Monday when we picked up our motorhome from the shop and were told they couldn't get anything inside to work, like the furnace. We then dropped the RV off at Alpin Haus for them to look at. With this bitter cold weather and this delay, I knew we'd fly through our little remaining wood. 

My regular guys, R&R firewood, drive plow trucks. They were busy for the next few days. I  was given the name of another local guy, and when I called him, it turned out that he was the Town of Bleecker DPW superintendent.  

I posted a Facebook plea and got the phone number of a guy in Fort Plain who would drive through anything to deliver wood.   And he did.

But let me tell ya.... he had to drop it at the top of our driveway since our driveway is closed. It is 225 steps, each way. I counted. That's 450 per round trip, or almost a quarter of a mile for two round trips. I think Pam and I each made about 30 round trips. That would be 15 quarter miles, or almost four miles. Megan stacked. We're all beat. But we have wood!

Going up the driveway.


to the wood at the top of the driveway.

Starting the trip down...


Pamela decided to ride her toboggan of wood down, spilling part way down.  Ruby didn't like Pamela riding the toboggan and barked at her like crazy, and Olivia had to dash up to see what was happening.

Our backyard.

Leo Pard the Snow Leopard enjoying some fresh air.

So how much snow did we get from this storm?  Well, it's hard to say because it snows here just about everyday but it looks like we've gotten almost a foot so far, and it's supposed to snow all night.  I just heard that Governor Cuomo has declared a state of emergency and has closed many interstates, including the Thruway from Albany to New York City.  I think it might be worse east and south of us.


  1. Hell, you used to do that and more sleigh-riding on the hill behind Shumway's house.

  2. Sounds like the winter from hell when we lived in the Catskills in the winter of 1993-1994. Wasn't fun. Maybe you'll reach Florida NEXT winter.....