Friday, January 10, 2014

Off For Florida!

Goodbye Bleecker.  Goodbye Unabomber Cabin.  Goodbye below zero temps, several feet of snow, and trudging up and down our long steep driveway.

Hello Union Dale, Pennsylvania.

Our motorhome is ready.  Alpin Haus RV service replaced two split golf cart house batteries, a solenoid, and got the furnace working.  We went there today and paid our bill and dropped off a car load of clothes and supplies.  This morning, I will drain the pipes in the cabin, pour pink antifreeze in all the traps and in the pump, turn off the electricity, and off we go.

We wanted the first day to be short, and Union Dale is only about 140 miles from Alpin Haus in Amsterdam.  If we leave Alpin Haus by noon, we should be in Union Dale no later than 4 PM.   I want to arrive in daylight.  And its a good thing.  Pam found Elk Stables on  We entered the address into both our GPS and Google Earth and it couldn't be found.  Pam called the owner, and its several miles down dirt roads.

Our internet access will be spotty until we get to Florida, but I'll update our blog with our progress, and of course photos.  We plan on taking a week or more to get to Florida, cruising in our motor home like we did on Drift Away, our trawler.  We'll stop when we like a place, leave when our mood or weather tells us.

I used to have to be concerned with tides and currents.  Now I have to be concerned with cross winds and rush hour traffic.


  1. Be safe Dave and Pam! Remember you have the "little" pony behind you so try to keep it under 100. This should be "quite the trip" with lots of "FUN" stories to tell your always supportive readers! I'm feeling a few (hundred) good laughs out of this trip.....