Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Drying Firewood

You may recall that, last week, we had a couple of face cords of firewood delivered.  It was dropped at the head of the driveway into several inches of snow, and it was snowing to boot.  It took us some time to get it down the hill on toboggans and into the wood shed.  By the time it was all in there, it was snow covered.

This isn't a problem if you don't need to burn it until next year and you can let the sun and warm temps thaw things out, but we needed to burn it now.   Although the firewood itself is seasoned, snow doesn't burn well.   This is what we do.

Tomorrow's wood goes on the left.  When the row closest to the wood stove is mostly dry, it goes to the right side of the stove for final drying, and the next row is rotated up next to the stove.  When the row on the right is dry, it goes into the wood rack for burning.

Generally, I fetch wood first thing in the morning, and if its really cold (like now) I'll bring another load in in the evening.

It seems to be working well, as our Unabomber Cabin is warm and toasty even when the thermometer is well below zero.

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