Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Troutman NC to Fairfax SC

We enjoyed Lexington, Virginia so much that we spent two days there.  That enabled Jeremiah the Horse to adjust to traveling, and for me to adjust to RV cruising.

Last year, my Aunt Alice and her partner Don spent a month in Brunswick, Georgia in their RV.  They are experienced RVers.  We were in Brunswick on our boat Drift Away, and while visiting their beautiful, spacious motorhome, Aunt Alice mentioned that most RVs aren't the best quality.  They had even heard of cabinets falling down while an RV was motoring along.   Well, remembering that, I noticed this in the photo below.   Our cabinets were coming down.  See the gap at the top?

There was a Lowe's not far from Lazy Acres in Lexington, Virginia, so I hied myself over there and bought a screw jack.  That will hold things up until I get to Florida and can fix it proper.

M/V Drift Away, deja vu.

We left Lazy Acres and had an easy day to Pomolas Farms.  This is a nice little horse farm with corrals, stalls, and  a lounge.  They also board about 30 horses, including this little guy.

He was as interested in our dogs as they were in him.  As in, "exactly what are you??".

Tuesday was an easy day, traveling from Troutman North Carolina to Lakeview Plantation in South Carolina, almost in Georgia, a trip of a little over 200 miles.   Lakeview Plantation was very hard to find, as you can't use a GPS because it will try to take you down a 40 mile logging road, and their website directions are not good, but when we did finally find it, we enjoyed it.  (Note- when following the online directions of "SC 3/301 8.9 miles", that means follow SC 3 until it crosses 301, and then go 8.9 miles).    

Jeremiah seemed to enjoy finally arriving here.

In all seriousness, it was 65 degrees when I took this photo below.  Megan is just cold, I guess.

When talking to dogs, one must speak a language they understand.  They did not understand "get inside" and "get in the motorhome" at all.  But they did understand "get on the boat" from our time on Drift Away.  Hence, the name.

In night photography news, I took a star trails photo last night.  Not sure of exactly where north was, and with South Carolina being so flat, this is all I got.

Yep.  Even in this remote part of the country, there are airplanes just looking to ruin star photography.

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