Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oooooow Oooooow Oooooow....

Damn this hurts.  I can't believe I thought I could "walk it off".

It's 12:30 AM and I'm awake in severe pain.  Oh sure, I took my scheduled two oxycodone, but it ain't cuttin' it.  It's time for two more, along with a scotch chaser.  Let's see if that does it.

I'm not a whiner when it comes go pain.  Never have been.  It's not a macho thing.  I just don't think that I feel pain the same way most people do.  But I'm feeling it now.   Ow ow ow ow ow.

I thought I might walk this off?  Are you kidding me?   On a scale of one to ten. where ten is stepping on a friggin' nine inch nail, this is a nine.  I can't get comfortable where the pain stops.  Well, at least there's drugs.  And scotch.

I've been thinking of what to do with myself for the next two months since I won't be working on our property.  We don't have TV and get very few radio  stations.  There's only so many movies I can watch.  Yesterday was The Bucket List (excellent!), Talladega  Nights (awful) and Journey To The Center of the Earth (new version.  Bad).

I can research stuff on Al Gore's internets.  I enjoy that.  Especially politics.  But I'm not about to write about politics here.  This isn't the place for it.  All my readers would run away screaming, except for Bob Mayo.  Hi Bob.  Yes you.  I think we were separated at birth.

Maybe write a book?  What would it be about?  Should I take my two blogs and boil them down into a book?  Or write fiction?   Naw.  My life is stranger than fiction.  Something to think about.


  1. You can always listen to the radio on Al Gore's Internets Dave. Most stations broadcast online. But you may have to spend a few bucks to get FOOTBALL games there. You can always become the Bleecker Mountain Leader of the local Oklahoma and Oklahoma State fan clubs! I'm sure you'd become even better known in the community for that! :-).

    I agree that the NON Fiction version would be a best seller Dave! It can be a trilogy. Pre Drift Away, DA, and Post DA. Chevy and Ruby might even get their own TV show out of it! What do you think?

    1. We have HughesNet satellite internet which has a limit of 10 GB per month. If you use too much in one day, they throttle you down, so we don't stream video or music.

      I'm getting some ideas in my head about the book. I'm thinking of writing it from the perspective of laying crumpled up on the ground from being whacked with a tree, with flashbacks to Drift Away's adventures, the ridiculousness of cruising with three large dogs, losing both engines off Sandy Hook, etc. All true stories.

      Do you think it would actually have a market? Of course, I'd mainly be writing it as something to do with myself for the next couple of months, not as a money maker, but I need to pay all these medical bills somehow. :)

    2. Like the perspective Dave. There are so many Drift Away stories you could work in. The Friggin Pelicans, How to put off boat jobs, the dogs running in the water, and then use Bob's idea to close out the book with "Victory Beers: My Philosophy of Being". You could always do it as an e book. I'd buy all my relatives copies for Christmas!

      I am however surprised that there could be TWO of you Dave! To think that there's another person out there with the same sarcasticness is amazing. I'm wondering if Bob's married to someone as accepting as Pam???? I'm sure my wife would throw me in that category but I'd have to be the GOOD LOOKING ONE! And MUCH younger!!! 54.

      In your spare time you can look up Andes, NY. We lived there for a year in the 90's. Good luck finding it!

      Heal quickly Dave and LEAVE THE POWER TOOLS ALONE!!!

  2. Dave, we WERE separated at birth. I had been sworn to secrecy when it was leaked to me, but your latest "experience" warrants full disclosure.

    My hunch is you're more of a non-fiction author versus a fiction author. But of a certain ilk. Think Bill Bryson. Candidate title: "How Not to Have a Boring Life":
    - What Fun is College?
    - Programming? Piece of Cake, I Can do That!
    - Let's Go for a Boat Ride
    - Homesteading in the Adirondacks? That Should be Easy....

    Or, given their are a zillion metaphysical monographs written by Ph.D.'ers on the Philosophy of Being that only they and one reviewer for the Journal of Philosophy ever read, I think it's time for a Bill Bryson-like, monograph targeted to the mass public entitled "Victory Beers: My Philosophy of Being."

    Some excellent, lesser known, movies that you may not have seen yet: "Monsieur Lazhar," "The Station Agent," "Still Bill," "Searching for Sugar Man," "Tender Mercies," and "Get Low." (note: all of these go down even better with medicinal marijuana and well-buttered popcorn).

    Hang in there Dave, we need more adventures!

  3. Do you think anybody's going to actually buy and read "Heidegger's Philosophy of Being?" (Look it up on Heck no! They WILL buy and read "Dave's Philosophy of Being: a Guide for the Average Joe."