Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Well and Chicken Soup

Healthwise, I've been feeling better this afternoon.  I ate an English muffin for lunch and chicken soup for dinner.  Some of Pam's homemade chicken soup!   Mmmmmmm...

I needed it.  I stayed up all night not feeling well.  I read a book recently published by a friend of mine, R. Allen Chappell.  It was a good read.  Ron (the R. part) grew up near a Navajo reservation.  Navajo Autumn is the first in a series of mysteries based on and around the Navajo.  I'm already half way through the second, Boy Made of Dawn.

But staying up all night and only snatching cat naps during the day is too much for this old guy.  I need to hit the hay early tonight.

Sonny from Adirondack Drilling called last night to let us know he was coming to drill the well this morning.

"We can't meet you there, Sonny.  Do you remember where the well goes?"

"Yeah, I think so," he said.  By the end of the driveway, right?"

Yep.  That's it.

I got a call at 8 AM this morning.  It was Sonny.

"Did you get my message last night?" he asked.

"No.  What message."

"I wanted to know if you'd go put a stake where the well goes."

"We can't.  Pam went to work and I can't drive.  I broke my neck and..."

"YOU DID WHAT?  How did that happen?  Are you going to be OK."

I gave him the short version of the accident.

"Eh, I think I'll find it."

Pam called at 11 AM.  "Do you need anything?"

"Yes.  Go right to the property and see where they're drilling the well.  They wanted us to stake it for them."

Well, Pam went over and when she returned she told me that the well is off about ten feet from where we wanted it, but it's OK.

Then Earl came over to tell me that Sonny hit rock as soon as he started drilling, so we only have the minimum 20 feet of casement required by law.  The well is 145 feet deep and we're getting 8 gallons a minute, no hydro fracking.  With the rig they have, Earl said you could watch it bore steadily down.  They were done by 1 PM.  Sonny took the cap off to show Earl.  It was already full of water.

Now we only need electricity and a leach field and we're good to go for docking the motor home there next year.

I wonder if we should give the motor home a name?  Roll Away?

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  1. "Roll Away." Heh. I like that. Can't you get a temp power drop at the site? That would give you power and water. You'd still need to use the holding tank in the RV, but at worst you'd have to drive to the nearest dump facility (campgrounds usually have them for free) every few days.