Monday, September 23, 2013

Don't Read This While Eating

I've been fairly discouraged lately.  I actually have gotten a bit worse since being attacked by the tree as my right food suddenly went numb.  Dr. Carl doesn't know why.  So I've been sitting around feeling a little sorry for myself.  I can't drive, I can't lift more than five pounds.  I had planned to at least build the pole barn this fall to store our cars in, but that's not happening now.

And then it got worse.  I've either gotten the flu, or I'm possibly having flu-like withdrawal symptoms from running out of Gabapentin, a generic form of Neurontin, yesterday.  Since we were at a crowded reception eating finger food on Saturday night, I'm guessing the flu or some other bug.  I was only on the Gabapentin for three weeks, anyway, and everyone I've read about on Al Gore's interwebs who had flu-like withdrawal symptoms were on much higher dosages and for a much longer period of time.

As I wrote a reply to a Drift Away blog reader in Jacksonville, I bemoaned my plight, and then realized how funny it must look for an old man in a neck brace and a bum foot trying to hobble off to the bathroom to vomit in the bathtub.   The sink and toilet are too high (the toilet is on a pedestal... really) and I'd have to stand, but I can kneel next to the bathtub.

There's half of a nice apple pie sitting on the kitchen counter but I'd hurl it.  So as I type this, I'm drinking ginger ale and eating saltines.  Big whoop.

In more positive news, the numbness in the middle finger of my right hand is gone and it's back to normal.  If we didn't live in the middle of the woods, I'd be able to flip people off with it.  Well, I might be able to drive in another month or two.

If there are any children reading this, I'm only kidding about that.  That would be totally rude, and wrong, and very immature.

For you adult readers... wink wink nudge nudge.


  1. Quit whining and do some Public Service. Take a trip down to DC. I want to turn on the nightly TV news and see the Flying Nun in the galley at a Senate proceeding timed to the exact moment when the camera is switches from an inane, babbling Senator Ted Cruz to the Flying Nun hurling saltines and ginger ale his way.

  2. Well Dave, at least your sense of humor sounds intact, even though the rest of you is broken. Stay tough and try to get mind over matter. Did you ever run, as in cross country? If so, you'll remember long hills that seem never to end so you just toughen up your mind and grind it out. Then puke. I know the scedule setback must be terribly frustrating, but roll with it and re-attack next year. Cheers

  3. You're the MAN Dave! Get away from the cabin during the day and go see some friends or help out somewhere that doesn't have power tools. Help some old people figure out how to use a computer. Teach people how to set up a blog. Work on the book and laugh at the amazing stories you've experienced. I know, easier said than done. But you're getting bluer (sp) by the day and you need to take charge of it! You're the MAN DAVE!

  4. Dave: I share the concerns for your wellbeing expressed by your other readers. Though it might not make you feel better, I'll share my personal motto for dealing with a painful chronic disease: "Suck it up and move on." (The motto didn't help, but I am feeling better about being in control. The passage of time also helps. All the best for your rapid as possible recovery.