Monday, September 2, 2013

Bonfire / Dogapaloosa!

Bonfires are an Adirondack tradition.  I'm sure they're a tradition elsewhere as well, but there's something about Labor Day, the end of summer, and bonfires here in upstate New York that I think is different from most places.

First off, everyone is welcome.  Not just people, but our four legged friends as well.  Ya'all come.

Ruby was in her glory "working the crowd".  Here she is getting my sister Kathy to pet her.

Earl holding court.  He didn't realize just how famous he is from my writings on this blog.

Ben tossing sticks into the fire.  My brother-in-law, Tom, lit a paper plate on fire and proceeded to light another place in the burn pile when Ben said "I think you should ask for permission before doing that."

Ruby, Sampson, Chevy, Valiant, and Olivia playing with Brian on the bike.  It's Dogapaloosa!

Valiant pee'd on Kathy's chair.  Kathy was in it.  It's mine!

I love this photo.  Just look at all the guy toys in the background, besides Ruby yet again working the crowd.

Olivia conks out.

Theresa and Valiant.

Finally, the fire burned down, and as the Bleecker Mountain mosquitoes descended upon us, we called it a night.

I don't know how anyone expects us to have another bonfire if they won't let me near anything gasoline powered.

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  1. All and all, I'd say it looks like you had a pretty good day. Sounds like you sure needed it too.