Saturday, September 7, 2013

Keeping Busy

I just thought I'd give you a brief update.  I've been grounded since my neck breaking accident.  I can't work on the property or do any kind of lifting.  We don't have TV and our satellite internet bandwidth is limited.  So what do I do all day?

I've watched quite a few movies.  Today I watched Convicted, a mystery about a woman on death row.  Out of five stars, I'd give it maybe three.  I'm not a fan of mysteries.

I watched a dark comedy called Drowning Mona.  I'd give that one four stars.  Good movie.

I've decided to give writing a book a shot based on our cruising blog Drift Away, from buying it to living aboard in Stamford to cruising it up to Albany, New York and down to Jacksonville Florida.  I'll leave out most of the boat project stuff and just write about what it's like to live and cruise on a boat with dogs and cats.

I'd rather be writing about homesteading in Bleecker.  Maybe next year.

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