Friday, September 13, 2013


Pam and I drove the mile from our rental cabin to our property to grill a couple of steaks for dinner the other night. While relaxing in our screen house, we heard the rumble of thunder of an approaching storm. The thunder was continuous. We knew it was going to be bad. As soon as we finished eating we packed up and hightailed it back home. Along the way, the wind kicked up something fierce, and the leaves swirled and tree branches swayed. We pulled down our driveway and found this fallen tree at the bottom. 

Why are trees after me?

Since I can't do much of anything, Earl came over with his chainsaw the next morning and made short order of the tree.   He cut it up into little pieces which he and Pam tossed off to the side.  Of course, Ruby thought this was a wonderful game and dragged several back out to play with.  That made Earl chuckle.

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