Monday, September 30, 2013

Getting Off My Dupa, in Pictures

Dupa is a Polish word,  meaning your heinie.   Bottom.  Backside.  Ass.  My mom, of Polish descent, taught me that word, usually while wielding her belt or penny loafer.

I sit on my dupa a lot lately.  There's not much else I can do.  With my head in  this damn neck brace, I  can't bend my head down, which means I even have to sit down to pee since I can't aim.   All I do is sit.  I mostly sit at this laptop.  Sometimes I position myself awkwardly on the couch and watch a movie or read a book.  Right now, I'm reading Richard Russo's Elsewhere.  Russo is from 36 Helwig Street in Gloversville, the tiny city of 15,000 people next to Bleecker.  Russo is a Pulitzer Prize winning author, and this is his memoir.  It's not a very flattering book regarding Gloversville, but accurate.

Pam went horseback riding yesterday.  I didn't get her camera yet, and so I don't know if she has many photos.  But when she came back we decided to hie ourselves over to our property since it was an absolutely beautiful fall day in the Adirondacks.

The leaves are at peak.  Maybe even a little past.

Looking towards our foundation hole.

Jeremiah's horse trailer.  It needs a good washing.

Pam.  She doesn't need a washing.

Bessie.  An almost flat tire, and I couldn't get her started.  I need to charge the battery.

Audrey the Kia sports a new sticker.



Our driveway.

Pam decided to burn some boxes and she set the bonfire alight again.

Track of a large deer, probably a buck.

I'm glad we saved this tree.

We had to go.  It was time to put the fire out.  I used the time honored Boy Scout method.

Our well.  The grey mud is stone dust.  They drilled through five feet of dirt and 140 feet of stone.

I love the light coming through the woods late in the day.

Autumn days here in the lower Adirondacks are always beautiful.  As much as we enjoyed many places in our cruise down the coast, this is one reason why we had to come back.

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