Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumn in Bleecker

The leaves are starting to turn here in the lower Adirondack Mountains.  It won't be peak for another two or three weeks, but it's starting to get very pretty.

I just went outside to yell at Olivia for barking when I noticed that the sun was very low and lighting up this tree nicely.

Leo followed me outside and found a hole to curl up in.

Earlier today, I caught Leo trying to come in the side door with a Blue Jay in his mouth.  I quickly shut the side door, and then ran over to the front door and shut it.  Pam came home a few hours later.

"Why is there a dead Blue Jay by the front door?" she asked.

I guess Leo is just trying to earn his keep.  He is very proud of himself and his hunting prowess.  Birds, mice, frogs... and his favorite- grasshoppers.  He doesn't kill them right away.  He likes to paw at them and make them hop for awhile first.

I turned to walk back inside.  This is how low the sun was, barely peeking through the trees.

It's getting chilly here.  We've had frost for the past couple of days, and a fire in the woodstove at night.  I love wood heat, especially when we can run it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  I'm still out of commission though, so it's all up to poor Pamela to start the fire and keep it going.

We're going back to the doctor on Friday.  I'm hoping he'll let me do some light duty work.  I don't know though, because it seems to me that I haven't gotten any better since this happened three weeks ago.  Thank God for oxycodone.

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  1. Hay Dave-- Should you be running to the front door??

    Maybe walk at a slow pace would be better-- Don't let the Oxy hide the pain and think you can do more than you should...

    Just my humble opinion though...