Thursday, September 12, 2013

UPS and FedEx Deliveries

I've ordered several things since moving to Bleecker.  Usually I request a US Postal Service delivery to our big country mailbox, but once in awhile, it has to be UPS or FedEx.

I was working on our property a few weeks ago.  A UPS truck pulled in.  The driver looked a bit nervous.  There is no house here, and only a dirt road leading to an acre or so that we cleared, where there is TODD the Trailer, Bessie the Tractor, the screen house, and little else.  I smiled and waved, and signed for the package.

Yesterday was a busy day.  Pam and I ran around getting needed information from the county (so National Grid will consider running power to our land), talking to a mechanic about the motor home, and other stuff.

"What do you want to do about dinner?" asked Pam.

"I dunno.  How about getting something to grill?"  Our barbecue grill is still over on our property from our Labor Day bonfire.  'How about if we get something to grill and then take the dogs over for a romp?" I replied.

And so we did.  When we pulled into our property, Pam parked the car and I hobbled over to TODD the Trailer to put a new coil for the chainsaw away.  I heard Pamela shout...

"Did you order something?" hollered Pam.

"I don't think so.  Why?" said I.

"There's a package here for you in the screen house."

What?  I hobbled over to the screen house.  It was a package from the yacht club I once belonged to, and to which I'm an honorary member.  They shipped an FTD get well package to my address in Bleecker.  I can only imagine the UPS guy driving down our long dirt road, only to see TODD the Trailer, Bessie the Tractor, and the screen house.  What??  So he left his delivery in the screen house.

Pam grilled a couple of steaks and some DELICIOUS upstate New York corn on the cob.  While we were eating in the screen house, we could hear continuous thunder all around us.   It got closer and closer.  We finished eating and decided to high tail it out of there.  Just as we pulled out of our driveway, the wind kicked up something fierce.  The trees were whipping about and leaves and small branches flew about.  We drove the mile to our rental place and pulled off the highway and down our steep driveway.  At the bottom, a tree laid across it.  We stopped Audrey the Kia and hopped out and ran for the cabin just as the rain started pelting down.

It was a nasty storm.  Hail and everything, a typical upstate New York thunderstorm.  Pam's mom called on the phone to say that in the midst of all this rain, hail, and lightning, that Jeremiah the Horse was out in his pasture eating grass.

"Not a problem," said Pam.  "No bugs."

And that's life in Bleecker.  We live according to the insect situation.

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