Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mauled By a Pit Bull

Trish and Theresa came by to visit for a bit yesterday.  They know our dogs, and so knew what to expect.  Especially Trish since she owns a pit bull herself.

Theresa sat in a chair so the dogs wouldn't be all over her, but Trish went for the couch.

First, Chevy attacked.   Kisses all over.  Then he went for a toy.

Ruby, the protective, motherly female pit bull, jumped up and positioned herself between Trish and Chevy.

Ruby first fended off Chevy, and then Olivia.  Poor Trish got squashed by 80 pounds of pit bull in the process.

It was a standoff.  Ruby wasn't going to let any harm come to Trish.

Uh oh.  See the devilish smile on Ruby's face?

It was all over for Trish at that point.  She didn't have a chance.

Afterwards, we went to a big BBQ at our friends' place down the road in Benson.  I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to look like a tourist, but I should have.  They have a beautiful little horse farm, with  four horses.  Between the horses and the kids that were trying to feed them, I missed a lot of good shots.  Always always always always always always bring the camera.

But I did take a few photos around our unabomber cabin.  The foliage here is peak, or maybe even a little past peak.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Today, Pam took Jeremiah horseback riding.  She took along her point and shoot, so I hope to have photos of that for you tomorrow.

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