Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's Go To The Fonda Fair!

This year was the 172nd running of the Fonda Fair in Montgomery County, the county just to the south of Fulton County where we live.  Since Fulton County doesn't have a county fair, we've all adopted the Fonda Fair as our own.

The Fonda Fair is your typical county fair, a mix of agricultural stuff and tacky amusement park attractions.  Perfect.

Here I present the Fonda Fair, in pictures.  Yep, lots of photos of livestock.

Just two days old.

Love the bump on her noggin.

It seems I sired something.

Seriously?  You're at a county fair and you're playing with your phone?

You too?

I loved the horses.  What majestic animals.

The judge giving instructions.

Umm.... crazy.

Teaching her son how to drive.

Ewwww!   No kissing!

Milking time for the goats.


The business end of a John Deere.

This would work so much better with air in the tire.


The root beer truck has been going to fairs for over 75 years.  And what great root beer!  The best I've ever had.

You can see the carbonation pump behind Grant.

Gail and Grant.

The Snake Woman!  Half snake, half woman!  It was amazing!

I didn't go in to see Spidora.  Maybe next year.

Judi, Pam's mom.  She just had a foot operation and will be laid up for some time.

I think the  pit crew needs to change those tires.

Check out these antique chainsaws!

I have no idea what this machine does.

This was labeled as a bobsled.  It's actually a ripper.  See the bell on the front?  People would ride these down the hills in the Mohawk Valley.  People were positioned at intersections to stop automobiles as these things raced down the roads.  In Amsterdam, they'd ride from Sanford Farms all the way down to the Mohawk River.  Yes, people have been killed on these things.

Ah... fun times at the fair.  It's good to be home.


  1. Replies
    1. The doctors encouraged me to walk, actually. And I'm not one to sit idly by anyway. While I don't always work hard, I need to be busy doing something.

  2. Those two girls on there phones were probable texting each other and were right next to each other.

    I have seen my Granddaughter do it. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Very nice fair photos - you've a good eye for it.
    I have fun memories of the Fonda Fair (except for that ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl).