Friday, September 27, 2013

The Day in Photos

On my Drift Away blog, I'd often post a "day in photos".  Really, just a compilation of what my day was like in photographs, usually cruising up Delaware Bay or some such.  People seemed to enjoy it, and it was one of the most popular blog posts that I did.

So... what do I do now?  I'm trapped in a neck brace.  I can't drive.  I can't work.  I can't do anything except sit at this laptop.  Well, what about my day in photos here?

 I grabbed the camera.  Here was my day in photos.

The highlight of the day was when Earl came by to tell me about the well being drilled.  Earl loves the dogs, and the dogs love him.  Chevy brought Earl a tug-of-war toy, which Earl enjoyed as much as he did.

Ruby has positioned herself to protect Earl in case things get out of hand.

OK.  Earl left.  Now what?  On Drift Away, I'd be taking pics of Friggin' Pelicans, or Laughing Gulls, or whatever.  Nothing here.... WAIT!  A Daddy-Long-Legs!  This is the best yet!  And right on my paper towel next to the laptop!

He was doing laps here, from the napkin to the Tabasco Sauce to the parts for Pam's lamp.

Look at how exciting... OK.  So it's not so exciting.  It's all I've got.

The only other item of interest was Leo the Cat and Ruby.  This is Ruby's bed at night, only the Spitfire of Death was sleeping there.  Ruby managed to sneak up on one corner and curl up, with one eye open for fangs and claws.

Sorry folks, that's all I have.  Life in a little cabin in the woods just isn't blog fodder when you're in a neck brace.  But tomorrow Pam has off, and she says that she's getting me out of here for a bit.  Maybe I'll have something better tomorrow.

I wonder where that Daddy-Long-Legs went off too?  Here Daddy Daddy Daddy...


  1. Dave, a story that will suck you up and give you a good, long ride (distraction) is Ken Follett's PILLARS OF THE EARTH. Everyone I know who has read it (men and women) have been enthralled by it and generally go on to read more of his books. It's a good antidote to 20th-21st century reality. Any library will have it, and inexpensive copies or downloads available online.

    Bugs are heading indoors... ladybugs, spiders and brown bugs (innocuous inch-long insects with feelers) looking for a warm place. We still had hummingbirds here until a couple of days ago, migrating through.

  2. Just by coincidence, I was about to place an Amazon order. I added Pillars of the Earth to it.