Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm One Lucky Guy

"The incidence of all spinal injuries in the US is about 11,000 per year, resulting in about 6000 deaths and 5000 new cases of quadriplegia."

Wow.  That doesn't leave much wiggle room.  Pardon the pun.

I had to share my homecoming with you all.  Those of you who own dogs already get this.  But for those of you who don't, dogs are the ultimate welcoming home party.  

Our dogs act like you've been gone for days when you've only been gone for hours.  But what if you've been gone for days?

I stayed in the car, knowing what was coming, and not wanting to be knocked down by excited dogs.  Pam let them out one at a time.



Chevy and Ruby.

They were excited to see me.  Dogs always make you feel good, don't they?

So do drugs.  This is just one of my pill schedules.  Hypertension plus spine stuff.  Steroids, anti-inflamatories, pain killers, muscle relaxers.  It's all there.

It's so good to be home.

Now to figure out what we're doing.   I'm in this neck brace for the  next couple of months, and can't lift anything weighing more than five pounds.  The plan was to get the basement put in and for me to finish it off enough for us to live in while we build the house above it.  Since I can't do that, what do we do?  I guess I'll have time to ponder that, since I can't do much else, but it looks like a change of plans.


  1. Yes-- We are both very lucky... As I've said in the past I broke my back too but not as bad as you-- I just fractured L3 a bit... You could be dead or a quadriplegic!!

    I was snowmobiling one time and one person in our group "A 21 Year Old Kid" Crashed into a tree so hard to the point were his helmet broke in half-- He's a quadriplegic now...

    Dogs are funny I think when it comes to time-- I doubt they know much about it!!

    Stay still and comfortable Dave-- You can still lift victory beers... Victory being you're not dead or a quadriplegic!!
    You're a lucky man to have Pam by your side too!!

    PS. Watch out for the pills-- I've never liked pills and have seen way to many people get all F'ed up with them!!

    1. No problem on pills for me. I really don't like taking them and do so only when the pain is intense.

  2. Dave, You crack me up! Someone posted a cartoon on facebook the other day, the picture was a couple of dogs roughhousing. Then the caption said; "It's all fun and games until someone goes home in a cone".

  3. Dave, Dave, Dave - what are we going to do with you. Hey, heard a funny dog joke the other day. This guy locks his wife and dog in the trunk of his car and goes away for an hour. Guess which one of them was happy to see him when he got back.

    Take, care.
    Deb, Rick & Izzy

    P.S. Love the cone!

  4. Dave, Is that really you or did I dial up a rerun of the Flying Nun? If it is, in fact you, my advice is stock up on audio books, always have NPR a click away, take some heavy drugs (perhaps some medicinal "you know what"), and ponder your good fortune in surviving the ordeal. Eventually, slip into Project Manager(vs. Project Doer) mode. Take care pal - Bob

    1. Yep, it's me. Sadly, no NPR up here in Bleecker. We don't get any radio stations worth listening to, and we don't have TV. Just books and movies.

      Maybe this would be a good time to write a book, eh?

  5. Bingo! Now's definitely the time. Go for it!!

  6. That the best idea write a book and tell us what not to do. We will be reading every word on how not to do it.