Friday, October 18, 2013

Team Sorting Again

Pam took Jeremiah the Horse to the team sorting event held at Adirondack Animal Land to see how he'd handle it.  Jeremiah is nervous in new situations and surroundings.  He was visibly anxious when Pam backed him out of the trailer.  Perhaps he got a whiff of the other critters there, like giraffes and zebras.  Pam rode him down to the barn where Jeremiah saw the heifers, the first he'd ever seen apparently, because he studied them intently.  He refused to go into the barn, and only did so when Kim rode in on Chet.  Jeremiah knows Chet, and so figured it was probably OK.

There was a full moon last night, and there will be a lunar eclipse tonight.  Hopefully it will be clear here.

Like last time, I didn't use a flash inside the barn because I didn't want to distract the horses and riders.  I set my ISO at 1600 with as fast a shutter speed as I knew I could correct with my photo editing software.  They're just a tad grainy.

Kim on Chet.

Pam on Jeremiah.

Jeremiah quickly recognized what his job was, and casting all anxiety aside, got right into it.

I wonder if they're talking to each other?

This dog loved watching the heifers.  


So Jeremiah did just fine, better than Pam expected.  I guess what they say is true.  Morgans love to have a job to do.

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  1. This is getting scary. I am 90% of the way through a "moon" posting for my blog and then I see this!