Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Trails

First, I need to start off by wishing Pamela a happy second anniversary!  It was two years ago today that we were married in Saratoga Springs.   What a fine day it was, perhaps made just a little more intense by having such a difficult time getting there on Drift Away, our trawler.

I love you as much today as I did before, Pamela.  Happy anniversary, and many more  to come.

I was so nervous that I don't remember the vows we took, but hopefully the Reverend RW had something in there  about in sickness and in health, for better and for worse.

I don't know if Pam shook the camera, or if I actually look like this.

This is pretty much my day.

With considerable difficulty, Pam got Jeremiah in the trailer and hauled his horsey butt over to Rockwood State Forest to go trail riding with her best friend Kim and a couple of others.  What a beautiful day.  The photos were taken with Pam's little point and shoot and so not up to our blog's usual  quality.

What is rumored to be the ruins of one of Noah Rondeau's cabins, though I doubt it.  Many Adirondack hermits built little cabins and huts all throughout the Adirondacks to use as hunting camps and, I suppose, for a change of scenery.  Rondeau was born in the late 1880s and died in the mid-1960s.  He mainly frequented the high peaks area of the Adirondacks, and so I think this rumor is probably wrong.  What it is, though, I couldn't say.

Pam had a great day and hopes to do a lot more riding before the snow flies.


  1. From the Wikipedia article on Noah Rondeau:
    He was born on July 6, 1883 and raised near Au Sable Forks, New York, but ran away from home as a teenager and only obtained an eighth-grade education. He was, however, quite well read, with a strong interest in astronomy. Before distancing himself too far from civilization, he lived in Corey's, New York, on the Raquette River in the western Adirondacks... Rondeau frequently hunted and trapped in the Cold River area, about 17 miles from Corey’s, and in 1929, at age 46, he began living alone year-round in the remote area, saying he was "not well satisfied with the world and its trends," and calling himself the "Mayor of Cold River City (Population 1)."

    Hmmm... "not well satisfied with the world and its trends." That does sound familiar.... maybe I'll become a hermit in Grafton....

  2. How time flies, I can't believe it been two years. Yes, congratulations to the both of you (for time served). I hope your planning on some sort of celebration, like going to a nice restaurant. Don't you think a nice prim rib would do the trick?

  3. Happy Anniversary Dave & Pam!!!