Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet Empress The Dog

We're dog sitting for a few weeks.  Empress is a pit bull mix of some sort.  Definitely pit bull... mixed with what?  Jack Russel Terrier?   I'm not sure, but she fit right in with our two pit bulls.

First, she terrorized Chevy, the big 80 pound male pit bull.  What a wimp Chevy is.

And then it was on to Ruby and Olivia.  Ruby, our female pittie, can take care of herself.  Olivia, our German Shorthaired Pointer, was totally outclassed.  Oh sure, she tried to compete, but in the end knew she couldn't.

So for the next month we have four dogs, two cats, and a horse.  I don't mind that much.  I love animals, and Empress is a real sweetheart.  She's tiny for a pit bull, half the size of Ruby and Chevy, but she makes for a good lap dog and snuggler.

Yep.  Pam and I watched a movie last night (Mirror Mirror, great family flick) and Empress snuggled right in.  Pit Bulls are the best dogs ever.


  1. I love the action shot of her in the first photo, "my, what big teeth you have!". She looks like a real sweetheart otherwise. I'm glad she fits in to your zoo. And you, no neck brace?? I hope that's a good thing for you.

    1. I'm supposed to wear the neck brace 24/7 until I go to the doctor on October 24th. I've been cheating a little lately, like when I'm just parked on the couch watching a movie. Anytime I'm anyplace where I could fall, I wear it. Outside, riding in the car, in the shower, etc.

      I hate this stupid neck brace, but I know I have to wear it. Hopefully the doc will let me get rid of it soon.