Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bleecker Mountain Bigfoot?

Early yesterday morning, Pam was working and I was watching King of the Rocket Men on DVD.  Olivia and Chevy started barking frantically, much more so than normal.   It was at the level of holy-crap-there's-a-bear-in-the-yard frantic.   I paused the movie and listened.  There was a yowl, some kind of call.   Coyote...  no.  Not a coyote.  An owl?  No owl I ever heard.  No sound I'd ever heard.  So I grabbed my camera and put it in movie mode to record it.  The camera had on its telephoto.  Sorry, but I didn't want to take the time to swap it.

I posted the above video on Facebook asking for help identifying the critter making the noise.  Meanwhile, I started googling on Al Gore's interwebs and listened to various sounds of all sorts of owls, coyotes, loons, owls, foxes, turkeys... nothing... and Bigfoot.  Sasquatch?  Naw.

Interesting though.  While I was playing all the various calls, barks, whistles,  and what have you, the dogs sleeping nearby didn't react.  As soon as I played Bigfoot noises, though, they started barking  all over again.  Except for Ruby.  She hid under the table.

So  I kept on googling, kept on listening to the calls of more owls, various birds, more foxes and coyotes... and Bigfoot.  Seriously?

When we first moved here, Pam was sleeping downstairs, which has a window wall facing south.  She swears something very big and very man-like walked by, and now refuses to sleep down there.  She claims it was the bogeyman.  Sasquatch?

Look, I know what you're  thinking.  You're thinking Pam should start looking for a home for me.  Well, buster, listen to my video above, and then listen to this.

And this...

Now go to the Bigfoot Recordings, listen to the last sound clip.

Of course, there is no proof that the various YouTube video recordingss of Bigfoot I've been playing are really Bigfoot, if there is such a thing.  These folks could be mistaking the call of the loony-barred-spotted-snowy-owl-with-a-cold for Bigfoot, just like me.  Or, it might be something more.  I learned to be more open minded after seeing and hearing signs of Champ on Lake Champlain.

So, what is a good home in upstate New York?


  1. Time to head to Drift Away Dave!!! You don't want to end up being LUNCH do you???

  2. This is Mary Fabian --- You did the same thing I did, when I heard the vocalizations behind my home in western PA. Only I didn't record mine - I didn't think of it - DUH!!! Next time! Anyway, I searched YouTube and other websites for animal vocals. It kept going back and matching up with Bigfoot. This is what I heard, about 15 yards behind my home Feb 11, 2015.

    1. That's awesome, Mary. I haven't heard any whoops or screams, just that coyote-like barking laugh. But Pam and I have heard whoops here in Florida. We're just outside the Ocala National Forest in north-central Florida.