Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Take Apart a Screen House to Move It? Naw...

We  bought and built a 10 x 10 screen house when we moved to our rental cabin in May.  The bugs can be fierce here in Bleecker and we needed it.  We used it a lot, but once we started working on our property, it's use went down.  By the time we got home from spending the day hauling logs or fetching rocks, it was late and we were tired and we mostly collapsed, surfing Al Gore's internets or watching a movie on DVD.   We decided we'd get more use out of it over at our property.

I looked it over.  It was a pain to put together, having to read directions and all.  It would be a nuisance to take it apart and put it together agai... hmmm...

I told Earl of my plan.  His eyes twinkled.

"Let's do it!" he exclaimed.

I thought it might look better to the sheriff or state police if we used the tractor. The tractor had a crack in the hydraulic system that needed to be welded first.

"You need to stop hitting shit," observed Earl.  "Every time I turn around, I'm welding some shit on this tractor."

Earl inspects the crack.  He got his grinder and grinded it down.  I don't know anything about welding, but apparently it works better if the weld sticks on bare metal.

The problem with welding a hydraulic pipe is that hydraulic oil burns.  So after draining as much oil as I could, I reinserted the drain plug so when the oil caught on fire, it would run out of oxygen and go out.  The sparks did catch an oil soaked rag on fire, which was pretty funny when Earl noticed it burning by his head and tossed it to me to stomp out.

After Earl got done welding up a crack in the hydraulic pipes, we hitched the flatbed trailer up to the tractor and hied ourselves over to the rental cabin.

We wheeled it into place.

I had cut a sapling into two 11' lengths.  We put those cross ways on the trailer, and tied the screen house down onto the saplings.

And out we went.  A low hanging power line over the driveway presented an obstacle, but Earl grabbed a long stick and held it up while I passed under.

We had a whole procession driving down the highway.  Me on the tractor towing the screen house, then Earl, and then Pam with the dogs.

Chevy seemed to be enjoying the goings on.

Here it is on our property.  I need to square it up and level it, which I'll do maybe today.  Yesterday, it was time for a victory beer.

"We have a new employee lounge," I said to Earl.

"No we don't."

"We don't?  What do you call this?"

"This is the family lounge."

"Well, where is the employee lounge?"

"Anywhere else."

And then I heard Earl mutter to himself, "I can come over here to sit whenever Judi gets mad at me."

Earl will be spending a lot of time here.

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