Friday, August 9, 2013

Ya Load 16 Tons, and Whaddaya Get?

When I got to the property at 9:30 AM, Earl was already at work at the backhoe, loading the dump truck.  I'm telling you, the man is a working machine.  At age 82, he puts me, and probably you, to shame.  To be sure, this isn't physically demanding work like picking rocks and building stone walls, but it's work nonetheless.  It requires concentration and eye hand dexterity.  Me?  I'm better at picking rocks and building stone walls.  And driving Dumpy the Dump Truck.

Yesterday, we pulled 5 1/2 loads out of the foundation.  That's about twice what we usually do.   One yard of dirt and rocks weighs about a ton.   Dumpy is a five yard dump truck, so each haul is about five tons.  No wonder Dumpy got stuck.  We pulled out over 27 tons of rock and dirt.  That's a lot of weight.

We went to friend's Jack and Connie's "camp" last weekend, and also met friends Kate and Chuck there.  What a beautiful place.  Jack and Connie's camp looks a lot like what Pam and I want our house to look like.  Luckily for us. Pam left her pocketbook there, and she and her mom took a road trip to retrieve it.  Pam also brought along our camera to take photos of things she liked for her idea book.

An outdoor shower!  

Gorgeous, isn't it?  I really love the stone chimney in the middle of the  house and the knotty pine paneling throughout.

While Pam was off gallivanting about, this song was running through my head as I gathered rocks off the field for the stone wall, better known as the LRP (linear rock pile).

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  1. What a beautiful place! I like the Forest Green color of the house. Too many places here on the lake are white -- not a color that blends into the environment. Some people have no aesthetic taste... your friends have it in spades.

    Don't overdo it with the LRP. They grow. One a day is my motto for those bad boys...